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You can transcribe by uploading audio / video / image files from the form below.
You can search for audio and video files by transcribed text, which makes management easier.

Mr. Transcription


How to use

How to use

  • 01. Select an audio file

    Select the audio file you want to transcribe.
    With free registration, you can transcribe up to 1 minute (up to 10 minutes in total) every day.

  • 02. Setting

    Select the conversation content to transcribe. Recognition accuracy is improved in fields where special words are often used, such as medical care, IT, and long-term care.

  • 03. Transcription

    Press the transcription button. Transcription text is displayed in seconds to tens of minutes.

Features of Mr. Transcription

Features Features

You can use it from any iPhone, Android, computer, or even the Internet. You can easily use it at home, on the go, or from anywhere.

01. Both smartphones and computers
02. Conversations with many technical terms are also OK

It also supports transcription of medical care, IT, long-term care, etc. where technical terms are often used! Easy transcription even in conversations with difficult technical terms!

Transcription is possible in approximately 100 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Italian.

03. Multilingual
04. Audio file management / search

Mr. Transcription saves the audio file and the transcribed text together. You can also edit and search saved texts and download audio files.

If you select "AmiVoice" for speech recognition, you can transcribe each speaker. (AmiVoice can only be used when Japanese is selected)

speaker separation
05. Transcription by speaker

Respond to your request

At Mr. Transcription, we always maintain it with the aim of making it "easy to use" for our users. We will sincerely respond to inquiries such as "I want you to do this" and "Is this the case?" Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions to make Mr. Transcription more convenient.

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Characteristics of speech recognition engine



Outstanding voice recognition accuracy comparable to humans!

  • No time limit for transcription
  • Highest precision transcription
  • Creating subtitle files for each sentence
  • Even audio files of tens of minutes can be transcribed in about 10 minutes.
  • 100 languages ​​supported

*If audio in a language other than the selected language is included, it may be translated.


If you want to use transcription and speaker separation functions specialized in Japanese, use AmiVoice

  • 1 file maximum 90 minutes
  • Highly accurate transcription
  • Speaker separation function
  • Word-level subtitle file creation
  • Can be transcribed in the same amount of time as an audio file
  • Supports Japanese and English

Transcription is troublesome in the past

Transcription, which used to be a hassle, can be turned into a task of editing a little text by using Mr. Transcription.

We support your transcription, such as creating minutes, transcribing interviews, and creating subtitles.


Just upload

No tedious installation required. Simply upload an audio or image file to convert it to text.

High recognition accuracy

Mr. Transcription converts voice to text as much as possible, even for conversations with a lot of jargon or difficult to hear.

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Usage fee



$ 0 / Moon

Those who want to try it immediately without registering as a free member

  • Audio 1 minute / month
  • 3 images / month
  • No free membership registration required
  • 1 audio file up to 1 minute


$ 0 / Moon

Those who want to register as a free member and try Mr. Transcription more

  • Voice 10 minutes / daily
  • 10 images / daily
  • Browse and search transcription history
  • 1 audio file up to 1 minute


$ 10.00 / Moon

Those who want to transcribe interviews and videos once or twice a month

  • Voice 4 hours / month
  • Image 500 / month
  • Browse and search transcription history
  • Supported file formats: (1 file up to 90 minutes)


$ 20.00 / Moon

Those who have daily work that requires meeting minutes and records and want to reduce the work

  • Voice 10 hours / month
  • 1200 images / month
  • Browse and search transcription history
  • Supported file formats: (1 file up to 90 minutes)


$ 30.00 / Moon

Those who are doing YouTuber and information dissemination that makes and publishes videos every day

  • Voice 20 hours / month
  • 3000 images / month
  • Browse and search transcription history
  • Supported file formats: (1 file up to 90 minutes)

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Other companies comparison


Company A

  • Free trial: None
  • Initial cost: Free
  • Cost / 10 minutes: $ 1
  • Transcription from image: Not possible
  • Number of languages supported: 5 languagesEnglish
  • Dedicated microphone: Not required
  • Search function: None

Mr. Transcription

  • Free trial: 10 minutes / daily
  • Free trial: 10 images / daily
  • Initial cost: Free
  • Cost / 10 minutes: $ 0.25 ~
  • Transcription from image:
    500-3000 sheets / month
  • Number of languages supported: 11 languages
  • Dedicated microphone: Not required
  • Search function: Yes

Company B

  • Free trial: None
  • Initial cost: $ 1300
  • Cost / 10 minutes: $ 0.8 ~
  • Transcription from image: Not possible
  • Number of languages supported: 3 languages
  • Dedicated microphone: Required
  • Search function: None


Click here for frequently asked questions when using Mr. Transcription.

Anyone can try transcription for free from 1 minute of voice and 3 images. If you sign up for free with Mr. Transcription, you can try to transcribe 10 minutes of audio and 10 images for free every day.
We accept bank transfers only for annual contracts.
We will return the receipt with your credit card payment details. Receipts can also be issued depending on the payment method.
It is not necessary to create a PayPal account, but it is more convenient to create an account because it can be used for payment management and shopping sites that have introduced PayPal in the future.
PayPal payments are made every 30 days. There is no loss even if you settle at the end of the month. After payment, the number of characters that can be used for each plan will be set.
No, the remaining transcription time and number of images that are not used are reset every month and will not be carried over to the next month.
Your free account will be reset daily. If you have a paid account, it will be reset at the time of payment every 30 days.
There is no minimum contract period. You can cancel at any time.
Please cancel the contract from the setting screen and then subscribe to the new plan.
Transcription time and number of sheets will be retained for 30 days after the last payment. After that, it will be reset to the time and number of tickets available for the free plan.
After logging in, you can cancel from the settings.

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You can also search for text from the transcription history.

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