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USD 10.00 /Moon Basic plan
  • Audio 4 hours / month
  • 500 images / month
USD 20.00 /Moon Value plan
  • Transcription 10 hours / month
  • 1200 images / month
USD 30.00 /Moon Premium plan
  • Voice 20 hours / month
  • 3000 images / month

Reasons to use Ondoku

Low price

Ondoku can be inexpensively transcribed in a wide range of fields, such as transcribing a small personal video or transcribing in a company or contract business.

High quality

We are proud of the industry's highest level speech recognition system because many vocabularies in specialized fields are registered. Equipped with a dictionary function to improve the recognition accuracy of frequently used words!

Transcription is troublesome in the past

Transcription, which used to be a hassle, can be turned into a task of editing a little text by using Ondoku.

We support your transcription, such as creating minutes, transcribing interviews, and creating subtitles.


Just upload

No tedious installation required. Simply upload an audio or image file to convert it to text.

High recognition accuracy

Ondoku converts voice to text as much as possible, even for conversations with a lot of jargon or difficult to hear.

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Click here for frequently asked questions when using Ondoku.

誰でも1分の音声と3枚の画像から無料で文字起こしをお試しいただけます。文字起こしさんに無料登録 すると10分の音声と10枚の画像から無料で文字起こしをお試しいただけます。
We accept bank transfers only for annual contracts.
We will return the receipt with your credit card payment details. Receipts can also be issued depending on the payment method.
It is not necessary to create a PayPal account, but it is more convenient to create an account because it can be used for payment management and shopping sites that have introduced PayPal in the future.
PayPal payment is your Tokukan does not change even if you contract at any timing to be done every 30 days. After payment, the number of characters that can be used for each plan will be set.
No, the remaining transcription time and number of images that are not used are reset every month and will not be carried over to the next month.
Your free account will be reset 30 days after registration. If you have a paid account, it will be reset at the time of payment every 30 days.
There is no minimum usage period. You can cancel at any time.
Please cancel the contract from the setting screen and then subscribe to the new plan.
Transcription time and number of sheets will be retained for 30 days after the last payment. After that, it will be reset to the time and number of tickets available for the free plan.
After logging in, you can cancel from the settings.

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