seller San Inc
contact information
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Street address
Payment method Credit card payment (PayPal payment)
Selling price As shown on the sales page
Required amount other than the product price None
Product delivery License provided
Product delivery time It can be used from the homepage after the payment is completed. (Usually within 24 hours)
Operating environment Software operating system
receipt We will use the "usage statement" of your credit card as a receipt.
Refund No refunds will be given in any case except for incorrect payment, contact and procedure time lag.
Precautions regarding expressions and products Each notation is the one when the sales page was created and may differ from the current product.
Disclaimer We are not responsible for any damage caused by using this product.
About support (1) Support will be provided by email.
However, we will not reply to inquiries that are not directly related to this service.
(2) Support is provided to the customer as advice only, and does not guarantee the solution of the inquired problem, the fulfillment of the customer's specific purpose, or the repair of the defect.
(3) Support information exchanged between the customer and our company under support, and information on technology and knowledge related to this, cannot be reproduced, sold, published, published, or used for other commercial purposes.