What to do when an error occurs in Mr. Transcription and transcription is not possible.

Aug. 2, 2021

What to do when an error occurs in Mr. Transcription and transcription is not possible.|Mr. Transcription

Hello, this is Mr. Transcription.

When transcribing with Mr. Transcription, sometimes an error occurs and transcription is not possible.

The main cause is

  • The transcription limit has been reached
  • Upload didn't work
  • An error occurred due to the influence of the network environment or browser


These problems are very easy to solve.

I will introduce each solution.

If you can transcribe, but you can't transcribe well, or you end up with a transcription like a toothlessness, please see this article.

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The transcription limit has been reached

Mr. Transcription has a maximum transcription limit for each plan.

Once you reach the limit, you will not be able to transcribe that month.

  • If you are a non-member, register as a free member
  • If you are a free member, sign up for a paid plan
  • If you are a paid member, cancel the plan once and sign up for your favorite plan again to increase the capacity that can be transcribed.

It can be solved by.

Transcription "fractions" and "number of images" will be distributed every month.

Updates occur every 30 days.

The details of each plan are as follows.

  • Non-members: Free 1 minute audio / month 3 images / month
  • Free membership: Free 10 minutes audio / month 10 images / month
  • Basic: 1000 yen / month 4 hours audio / month 500 images / month
  • Value: 2000 yen / month 10 hours audio / month 1200 images / month
  • Premium: 3000 yen / month 20 hours of audio / month 3000 images / month

Upload didn't work

If the internet connection is too slow, you will not be able to upload audio and image files to Mr. Transcription, resulting in an error.

Internet line is too slow

  • Large image file size
  • The number of hours of the audio file is in units of several hours

In that case, if the internet line is too slow, an error will occur.

Even if the file size is small, the upload may be canceled halfway and an error may occur because the internet connection is too slow.

Take measures such as using it in a high-speed WiFi environment such as an optical line.

An error occurred due to the influence of the browser

The error may occur due to the influence of the browser.

Transcription's recommended browser

If you can't transcribe it, try checking your browser.

What kind of browser do you usually use when using Transcription?

Transcription recommends Google Chrome as the recommended browser.

When you are in trouble due to an error

  • Set your browser to Chrome (but if you're using Chrome now, try a different browser)
  • Try using Chrome's secret window

Please try.

Download Google Chrome

How to launch the secret window

What is a secret window?

You can browse without saving the browsing history of the website or the information entered in the form.

How to use the secret window

  1. Click "File" on the toolbar
  2. Select Open Secret Window


  1. Call with [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] keys

You can start it with.

Please try it once.

Report an error to Mr. Transcription and get 1 hour or 100 sheets for free

Reporting an error to Mr. Transcription will help you investigate the cause of the error.

You can increase the free tier for your account by reporting errors.

Report Transcription's error and if approved

  • Transcription of audio / video: 1 hour (expiration date: 30 days)
  • Transcription of images: 100 sheets (expiration date 30 days)

Will be charged to the account reported by.

  • If you are a non-member, the cause of the error cannot be determined. Please register as a member.
  • If you are a member, we can help you find out the cause of the error.

How to report an error

  1. Log in to Mr. Transcription
  2. Settings → Report list
  3. Report listReport

This will take you to a report form where you can enter text.

Please refer to the following article for details on how to report errors.

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On the management side of Mr. Transcription, you can check the history called "Error log" that "an error occurred in this situation".

The error log is also invisible to the customer.

If you would like to investigate the cause of the error , please report the error and contact Transcription Customer Support.

When reporting, fill in the required items and let us know all the information so that the cause of the error can be investigated and resolved quickly.

If you do not provide detailed information, you will be asked for the same thing again in the reply email.

By investigating the cause of the error, you can use Mr. Transcription even more comfortably.

Mr. Transcription is most pleased to help you as you use it.

Please take this opportunity to contact Mr. Transcription Customer Support.

We will do our best to support you.

We hope that you will continue to be the best transcription software service for you.

We look forward to your continued support of Mr. Transcription.

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