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I will explain how to cancel (cancel) Mr. Transcription's paid plan with images. read more

When transcribing in Japanese, Transcription can choose between two engines, Google and AmiVoice. I will introduce how to use and notes about the trial transcription function that can be used by Mr. Transcription. read more

The way to increase Transcription's free usage is to "report an error". Transcription's error is reported and approved, audio / video transcription: 1 hour (expiration date 30 days) or image transcription: 100 sheets (expiration date 30 read more

If you want to transcribe, but don't know how to use Transcription, read this blog and you'll understand it perfectly! If you want to transcribe, Mr. Transcription, the lowest price in the industry. read more

Is it safe to upload data to Mr. Transcription? Isn't it abused? In particular, it may contain confidential information within the company, so it is natural to be careful. What about Transcription's security? read more

Transcription allows you to easily delete the data you have read so far with the "Delete" function. Delete function We will introduce how to use the batch delete function and points to note. read more

Frequently asked questions by Mr. Transcription of AI automatic transcription. Specifications, security, free registration, contract, termination (cancellation), withdrawal method, etc. We've put together some frequently asked questions about choosing read more

I'm Mr. Transcription, and I'll show you what to do when you can't transcribe. The main causes are: ・The upper limit of transcription has been reached. ・The upload did not go well. ・An error occurred due to the influence of the network environ read more