Transcription AI, Mr. Transcription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Feb. 24, 2023

Transcription AI, Mr. Transcription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription


About usage
About free members and paid plans
About payment
About specifications and security
About corporate use

About usage

Is Mr. Transcription free to use?
Yes, you can transcribe a fixed number of images and minutes of audio/video for free each month.
If you become a free member, you will be able to transcribe 10 minutes / 1 day, 10 images / 1 day. However, we do not guarantee updates exactly every 24 hours.
If you use it for free, you can only use a trial transcription of up to 1 minute. If you want to do a lot of transcription, please consider a paid plan.
What are the supported files?
The corresponding files are as follows.
【Image file】
Supported file formats .jpg .jpeg .png .webp
*If the text is facing sideways or downwards, the text cannot be transcribed, so please correct the direction.
[Document file]
Supported file format .pdf
[Audio file]
Audio time up to 90 minutes Supported file formats .mp3 .wav .wma .mp4 .aifc .flac .aac .aiff .aifc
[Movie file]
Audio time up to 90 minutes Supported file formats .mp4 .mov .avi /flv .mkv .webm .wmv .3gp
Is there anything I have to do when using it for free?
No, not really. Feel free to use the transcribed data.
Do I need to install it?
No, no installation required. Since it can be used on a web browser, it can be used anytime, anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
Can I use it for free or for commercial use?
Yes, you can use it commercially.
Do you have an app?
We are currently considering app compatibility. For Android devices, you can use it like an app by "Add to Home".
Is it necessary to enter personal information when using the service?
All personal information is not required for non-members. If you want to register as a member such as a free member or a paid member, please register your email address. Registration of your name and address is not required.
Can one person (one company) own multiple accounts?
Mr. Transcription does not allow multiple free accounts. If you have a paid account, you can have more than one.
I can't log in to Mr. Transcription.
See here for what to do if you can't log in.
I can't transcribe with Mr. Transcription.
There are a number of reasons why transcription is not possible. See here for what to do if an error occurs.
What to do when an error occurs in Mr. Transcription and you cannot transcribe
What is error reporting?
We are accepting reports of errors and bugs that occur in Mr. Transcription. If the error report is approved, we will give you one hour of transcription and the number of image transcriptions. For more information, please check [Regarding Mr. Transcription's error report] .

About free members and paid plans

What can I do if I register as a free member?
Transcription time is reduced from 3 minutes a day to 10 minutes a day. The number of images will be reduced from 3 per day to 10 per day.
Free users can transcribe the first minute of the trial transcription. Please note that it is not continuous time.
Will the types of engines that can be transcribed increase with the paid plan?
No, we are not increasing the types of engines that can be transcribed. However, free members are limited to only the first minute of transcription, but that limit will be released.
How do I purchase a paid plan?
You can purchase from the price page. For details, please see " How to purchase Mr. Transcription's paid plan (Basic Value Premium Business) ".
If I purchase a paid plan, will the available transcription time (paid plan) be reflected immediately?
Yes, in the case of credit card or debit card payment, it will be reflected in about 1 to 3 minutes after purchase.
If you close the payment screen in the middle and get a redirect error, the reflection will not work.
If you can't see the plan reflected even after a few minutes after purchase, please contact us from inquiry. We will respond manually (in that case, it will be handled within 24 hours)
I used up all the available transcription time while subscribing to a paid plan. What if I want to purchase additional transcription hours?
Please cancel your current plan and subscribe to the desired plan again from the price plan page.
I want to cancel the recurring billing of the paid plan.
You can cancel at any time from the settings page after logging in. After cancellation, the contracted plan will be maintained until the next renewal date. For details, please refer to " How to cancel (cancel) Mr. Transcription's paid plan ".
I want to withdraw, what should I do?
After logging in to Mr. Transcription, please use the "Withdrawal" button on the settings screen to unsubscribe. Please note that you will not be able to log in to Mr. Transcription again after unsubscribing. Also, once you unsubscribe, you will not be able to re-register with your current email address.
Click here for details " How to unsubscribe/delete Mr. Transcription's account "

About payment

What are the paid plans?
Basic plan: 1000 yen/month Audio: 4 hours/month Image: 500 sheets/month Value plan: 2000 yen/month Audio: 10 hours/month Image: 1200 sheets/month Premium plan: 3000 yen/month Audio: 20 hours/month Month Image: 3000 sheets/month and so on. We also offer annual contracts . Please see the pricing plan page for details.
Is there a minimum usage period?
There is no minimum usage period (contract period). You can cancel anytime.
What are the payment methods?
We accept credit card payment, debit card payment and bank transfer.
Bank transfers are only accepted for annual contracts.
Please check here for details.
How to purchase Mr. Transcription's paid plan (Basic Value Premium)
I would like to have a one-time payment plan instead of a recurring charge.
Currently, we will be billing on a regular basis. We will continue to formulate plans in consideration of future requests.
Is recurring billing a monthly payment?
Payment will be made every 30 days (1 month) by the payment system. However, due to the use of payment, the payment date may be delayed by about one day.
Please check the email sent from the payment system for the exact next payment date.
The system displays +30 days from the date of payment as the payment date.
I want to change my paid plan. What should I do?
Please cancel your current plan and subscribe to the desired plan again from the price plan page.
What happens to the number of images and minutes that can be used after canceling the paid plan?
The current number of available images and minutes will be retained for 30 days after the last payment. However, please note that the maximum transcription time per file will be reduced to 1 minute immediately after cancellation.
After cancellation, when the renewal date comes, it will be reset to the free membership plan.
After canceling the paid plan, I withdrew from Mr. Transcription. Why can't I log in?
If you unsubscribe, you will not be able to log in or re-register with Mr. Transcription with the unsubscribed account. If you wish to continue using the service, please do not withdraw.
Can I get a quote/invoice?
We only issue quotations and invoices if you wish to pay by bank transfer for an annual contract. Only Japanese is supported.
Estimates and invoices can be easily issued by the user. For details on how to issue an estimate/invoice, please refer to the article below.
Mr. Transcription's Quotation/Invoicing Method
In the case of bank transfer, who will bear the transfer fee?
The transfer fee is borne by the customer. Please note.
I have created multiple invoices. How can I delete it?
Customers cannot delete or cancel invoices. If you have created multiple invoices by mistake, please contact us to request deletion.
Can I get a receipt?
We issue receipts by the following issuing methods for each payment method. Regarding the receipt, the issuing method differs depending on the payment method. Learn more about receipts here .
Will unused characters carry over to the next month?
The unused minutes and number of images are reset every month and will not be carried over to the next month.

About specifications and security

What AI engine are you using?
Google Cloud Speech-to-Text
AmiVoice (Japanese only)
using. (As of August 2021)
We plan to introduce multiple AI engines in the future.
Will the images, audio, and videos I upload be used for other purposes?
A limited number of our employees may use the information to check for errors or check the accuracy of transcription, improve voice recognition technology, and use it as statistical data for research and development. However, we will never disclose the audio content to the public or pass the data or transcribed text to a third party.
Voice and transcription text data are stored on our server for non-members: 1 day for free members: 30 days for paying members: until the member deletes histories themselves, and then deleted.
On the AI engine side, it is a specification that "logs are not left". Your images, sounds, videos, and texts will not be used for any other purpose.
Is your voice being used by Google or Amivoice?
Google and Amivoice on the AI engine side do not leave logs. The user's information will not remain on the AI engine side, and the user's images, sounds, videos, and text will not be used for any other purpose.
How long does the transcription take?
Audio and image processing takes as long as the input data.
Example: 60 minutes of voice data → Processing time about 60 minutes
Can I transcribe only part of the audio or only part of the image?
All uploaded audio and images will be transcribed. You cannot specify the transcription location.
・ Set the sound source to only the part of the voice you want to transcribe,
・It is recommended to perform preprocessing, trimming only the part of the image that you want to transcribe.
I transcribed the wrong file. Can I cancel my reservation?
While the transcription is in progress, it cannot be canceled regardless of whether it has been transcribed.
As soon as you press the Transcription button, the transcription process begins. Check if it is the wrong file and press the transcription button.
AI transcribes from scratch every time you press the transcription button, even if you have processed the same file multiple times or it was the wrong file. This consumes transcription time.
I have deleted the transcription history.I want to transcribe the same file again.Is it possible?
Please change even one character in the file name before uploading and transcribing.
If the file name is the same, it will be recognized as a previously transcribed file and cannot be transcribed.
Can you transcribe song lyrics?
It's the dialogue that corresponds to the transcription. I can't transcribe the song.
What is it that cannot be transcribed?
・Sounds with low volume or difficult to hear because the microphone is far away ・Songs with music such as song lyrics ・Sounds with loud noise that drowns out the voices ・No voices It is not recommended to use Mr. Transcription for difficult things, as they cannot be transcribed accurately.
In addition, it is not possible to transcribe in multiple languages with voices in multiple languages.
Can you transcribe in multiple languages, such as Japanese and Chinese, or Japanese and English?
It will be transcribed in the specified language.
Multilingual audio cannot be transcribed in multiple languages.
Is it okay if I have a dialect?
If the intonation is different from the standard Japanese, the transcription accuracy will be low. It is recommended that the voice be spoken in standard Japanese and that the recording quality is good and that there are no overlapping conversations between multiple people.
For details, please check " 3 tips for high-precision transcription with AI automatic transcription" .
Is it possible to specify the format of the transcription, such as "basic transcription" or "formal text"?
You cannot specify the transcription method.
I want to delete the uploaded data, where can I do it?
Data will be automatically deleted from our server according to the schedule below.
Non-members: 1 day Free members: 30 days
Paid members: The history is stored on our server until the member deletes it themselves. For details on how to delete the data of paid members, please refer to the article "How to use Mr. Transcription's deletion function / batch deletion function and notes ".
Will unused characters carry over to the next month?
The unused minutes and number of images are reset every month and will not be carried over to the next month.

About corporate use

Can it be used by corporations as well?
I would like to know more. Can I contact you by phone or hold a web conference?
I'm sorry. Inquiries are accepted only by email.
Could you please fill out the security sheet?
Yes. It is possible. There are two ways to fill out the security form.
1. Please refer to the security check sheet completed by our company and fill it out by yourself.
2. If we need to confirm the contents or fill in the form, we will do so for a fee.
Please check here for details such as confirmation of completed sheets and fees for paid options.
Could you please fill in the answers on the security form?
You can read more about security in this article.
What about Mr. Transcription's security? Answer in detail about server etc.
Could you please mail the documents?
I'm sorry. Not all documents are mailed. Only those with a paid plan can fill in some documents by sending PDFs. In addition, we may refuse any correspondence such as PDF for multiple documents or documents that are not compatible. Please note.
Can you provide the logs?
We will provide the logs if there is a court warrant.
We do not provide logs in any other way.
Are the usage methods, rules, and fees different for corporations and individuals?
Whether it is a corporation, a sole proprietor, or an individual, the usage method, rules, and fees are the same.
What kind of companies are using it?
Manufacturers, advertising agencies, web production companies, system development companies, online shop operators, consultants, professionals, housing/real estate, restaurants, education, universities, local governments/public organizations, general organizations, etc. It is used by various companies. Not only large companies with tens of thousands of employees, but also many small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses have introduced it.
How many people can use one account for corporate use?
When sharing accounts among employees, you can log in to a total of 10 terminals with one account. You can also log in at the same time.
Can I use it for free or for commercial use? What is the difference between being a corporation and being an individual?
Yes, it is okay. The usage method is the same for both individuals and corporations.
I would like to use it for only a few months, but would it be possible to pay by bank transfer?
For several months, please use credit card or debit card payment. If not available, we only accept bank transfers for annual contracts.
The amount of time I want to use is not included in the price plan, such as 100 hours. How can I purchase it? Do you offer discounts?
If you want to use a lot of hours, please cancel the current plan once and subscribe to the desired plan again from the price plan page. Alternatively, please sign up for a plan valid for one year (annual contract plan).
There are no further discounts, as we are very low on the standard price.
Can I get a quotation?
It is issued only to those who wish to make an annual contract. See here for details.
In the case of bank transfer, who will bear the transfer fee?
The transfer fee is borne by the customer. Please note.
Are you registered as a qualified invoice issuer (invoice system)?
Yes. Please check here for details.
Do you have an agency?
is not. This is a direct contract between the user and our service.
Please tell me the operator information.
This service is operated by Co., Ltd. The company profile is published on the operating company's website. Click here for HP. Other information that can be disclosed is posted on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law page.
Please tell me the homepage of the company you operate.
This service is operated by Co., Ltd. Click here for HP. Other information that can be disclosed is posted on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law page.

■ AI transcription service "Mr. Transscription"

"Mr. Transcription" is an online transcription tool that can be used from zero initial cost and 1,000 yen per month (* free version available).

  • Supports more than 20 file formats such as audio, video, and images
  • Can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • Supports about 30 languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese
  • Supports technical terms such as medical care, IT, and long-term care
  • There is a customized dictionary function

To use it, just upload the audio file from the site. Transcription text is available in seconds to tens of minutes.
You can use it for free if you transcribe it for up to 10 minutes, so please try it once.

It is "Mr. Transcription" who can easily transcribe from audio, video, and images. Transcription allows you to transcribe for up to 10 minutes for free. You can copy, download, search, delete, etc. the transcribed text. You can also create subtitle files, which is ideal for transcription of interview videos.
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