How many characters are there per hour in the audio of interviews and minutes? Transcription is easy with the use of free AI!

Aug. 2, 2021

How many characters are there per hour in the audio of interviews and minutes? Transcription is easy with the use of free AI! | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription
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There are often scenes that require transcription of voice, such as when working.

Transcription is very cumbersome and requires a lot of work time if it is done manually.

Do you know how many voice characters there are per hour?

Also, how long does it take to actually transcribe?

I actually calculated and verified how many hours it would take.

How many audio characters are there per hour in interviews and minutes?

It is said that the average number of characters per hour of voice is about 15,000 to 20,000 characters.

However, it's just an average story.

  • If you are elderly and speak slowly, it will be as small as 13,000 characters.
  • In the case of conversations between friends, it is easy to speak quickly, and it can be as many as 25,000 characters.

If most of the hour is silent, the number of characters may be extremely reduced.

How long does it take to transcribe an hour of voice ?

The time it takes to transcribe the average number of characters

1 hour sound source: about 4 hours

It is said that.

Let's actually calculate.

  • For a one-hour interview: 17500 characters on average
  • Number of characters that can be entered in 1 minute: 70 characters (about 1st grade of word processor test)

17500 characters ÷ 70 characters = 250 minutes

Even with a simple calculation, it takes 250 minutes = about 4 hours to transcribe an 1-hour interview.

It may take 7 to 10 hours if you make a mistake in typing, make a mistake in listening, or if the sound quality is poor and you hear it again and again.

The working time can be as short as 3 hours for a lecture in good recording condition.
However, it may take 7 to 10 hours if the sound quality is poor or if there are many speakers.

The number of characters is about 16,000 to 20,000.

If you are a beginner in transcription or a person who is not accustomed to typing, it will be difficult if you easily receive a request for transcription.

[Free] Use AI to make transcription easier


Even just one hour of transcription takes about four hours. When it takes time, even a professional takes 7 to 10 hours.

Is there a way to make transcription easier and faster?

I would like to recommend " Mr. Transcription " to you who are worried.

Transcription is a service that uses AI to automatically transcribe just by uploading a sound source.

Certainly, it may not be as accurate as human transcription, but it is accurate enough for rough transcription. If you can use it for free, it's worth a try.

  1. Transcription first
  2. Correct only the inadequate part later

Once you have uploaded the sound source to Mr. Transcription, you can leave it alone.

Transcription starts automatically, during which you can do other work.

After that, check the transcription and correct if necessary.

If you work with this procedure, the time required for typing and the time required for transcription itself will be considerably reduced, and you will be able to work efficiently.

[Free] Transcription's rate plan

  • 5 minutes every month
  • 10 images every month

Transcription can be done for free.

If you want to use it a little every month, you can use it for free!

If you want to use more, you can increase the usable range by charging.

Even if it becomes a paid plan, the lowest price is 2.5 yen per minute. In addition, the transcription of the image is also included here. It is exceptional.

Transcription's rate plan

  • Basic plan: 1000 yen / month Voice 4 hours / month (4.2 yen per minute)
    500 images / month
  • Value plan: 2000 yen / month Voice 10 hours / month (3.3 yen per minute)
    1200 images / month
  • Premium plan: 3000 yen / month Voice 20 hours / month (2.5 yen per minute)
    3000 images / month

Transcription's supported languages

Transcription can not only be transcribed in Japanese or English.

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean etc.

It can be transcribed in 21 languages and 125 dialects.

It is difficult for even the best person to handle transcription in so many languages by himself.

Let's use AI to transcribe

Even one hour of voice averages four hours. Transcription that can take 7 to 10 hours or more.

However, the introduction of AI will make transcription easier and faster.

When you hear AI, you may think it's difficult, but Transcription can use it just by uploading a file, so it's really easy.

By all means, take advantage of Mr. Transcription, who can easily transcribe, to reduce your workload and get a fulfilling life.

Official site: Mr. Transcription

■ AI transcription service "Mr. Transscription"

"Mr. Transcription" is an online transcription tool that can be used from zero initial cost and 1,000 yen per month (* free version available).

  • Supports more than 20 file formats such as audio, video, and images
  • Can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • Supports about 30 languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese
  • Supports technical terms such as medical care, IT, and long-term care
  • There is a customized dictionary function

To use it, just upload the audio file from the site. Transcription text is available in seconds to tens of minutes.
You can use it for free if you transcribe it for up to 10 minutes, so please try it once.

It is "Mr. Transcription" who can easily transcribe from audio, video, and images. Transcription allows you to transcribe for up to 10 minutes for free. You can copy, download, search, delete, etc. the transcribed text. You can also create subtitle files, which is ideal for transcription of interview videos.
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