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Several techniques are important during recording for accurate AI transcription. In this article, we will introduce the best recording points when transcribing with AI. Good quality microphone Position the microphone appropriately Create a quiet recording read more

For those who want to easily transcribe text on their smartphones, we have compiled a list of free iPhone transcription apps. It also explains tips for effectively using the standard voice input function and voice memos for transcription. read more

For those who are looking for a transcription app that can be used on Mac, we will introduce a useful tool that can convert audio, video, and images to text. We also explain how to use Mac's standard voice input and how to transcribe for free using Go read more

For those who want to easily transcribe audio data, we have compiled a list of recommended audio transcription tools, including free ones. We also explain how to choose software and services that suit your purpose, such as real-time transcription apps, we read more

Mr. Transcription, a site that is free and easy to use by transcribing using OCR, supports multiple languages, and is convenient for saving data. I will introduce it because it is a convenient service. read more

Do you know how many voice characters there are per hour? Also, how long does it take to actually transcribe? I actually calculated and verified how many hours it would take. read more

Transcription / transcription is cheap, preferably free, fast, transcription accuracy is good, easy to use as a service, and support is good. Recommended by Mr. Cryption read more

Introducing "Transcription", a service that makes "transcription from screenshots and images" super easy. It is also attractive that you can use it for free every month! Moreover, not only images but also sounds can be transcribed. read more

In Mr. Transcription, AI recognizes the voice and automatically transcribes it. However, it may not be possible to transcribe with high precision. Here are three points to do in such a case. read more

You can easily issue invoices and quotations from Mr. Transcription's settings screen. Here's a very simple way to issue a quote / invoice for Mr. Transcription. read more