What to do when an error occurs in Mr. Transcription and you cannot transcribe it.

Feb. 24, 2023

What to do when an error occurs in Mr. Transcription and you cannot transcribe it. | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription

Hello, this is Mr. Transcription.

When using Mr. Transcription to transcribe, sometimes an error occurs and the transcription is not possible.

the main cause

  1. Transcription stuck at "Processing" due to timing or other reasons
  2. I've reached the limit of what I can transcribe
  3. upload didn't work
  4. An error occurred due to the influence of the network environment or browser


These problems can be solved very easily.

We will introduce each solution.

If you can transcribe, but "I can't transcribe well" or "I can't transcribe well", please refer to this article.

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Cause 1. Transcription stuck at "processing" for some reason such as timing

Uploading a file and transcribing it

  • timing

For some reason, the transcription request communication may be delayed, and the transcription may not proceed with "processing" .

If it is stopped while processing, it will not consume the transcription available time.

This error is less likely to occur with image files and more likely to occur with long audio files.

If "Processing" persists for more than twice as long as the uploaded file, please try "Try transcription again".

If the transcription is stuck at "Processing"

Example: Basic Plan (4 hours)

Upload a 1 hour audio file and start transcribing.

It is an error if the transcription is not completed even after twice the time of the audio file (2 hours in this case) .

Solution 1: Retry/Try transcription again

If you can't transcribe after twice the length of the audio file, you can try again.

When you open your history, you'll see a button that says "Retry".

Alternatively, click "Edit" on the target file to display the "Try transcription again" button.

Click either one to try the transcription.

You can submit a transcription request without uploading and spending extra transcription time again.

Solution 2: Delete

Deleting the erroneous file frees up the "in progress" time that was locked.

*Even if you delete it across the update date, the locked time will not be returned. Please refrain from working over the renewal date.

If you get an error,

  1. try again
  2. Delete if it still doesn't work

I would like

Notes on retry and delete

Files that do not contain voices that can be transcribed (files that do not contain human voices, files that cannot be heard due to background noise, etc.)

Pressing the transcription button again consumes the transcription time.

Also, deleting it will not restore the transcription time.

Please do not upload audio that is inaudible to humans.

[Audio that cannot be transcribed]

  • Items containing music, such as song lyrics
  • Loud noise and drowned out audio
  • without sound
  • It is difficult for humans to hear the voice. No matter how many times we try to transcribe this kind of voice, AI cannot transcribe it.

Cause 2. I've reached the limit of what I can transcribe

At Mr. Transcription, each plan determines the upper limit of what can be transcribed.

If you reach the limit, you will not be able to transcribe that month.

  • Register for free if you are not a member
  • If you are a free member, subscribe to a paid plan
  • If you are a paid member, cancel the plan once and subscribe to the plan of your choice again to increase the capacity that can be transcribed.

can be solved by

Transcriptable "minutes" and "number of images" are distributed monthly.

Updates are made every 30 days.

Details of each plan are as follows.

  • Non-members: Free 1 minute audio/month 3 images/month
  • Free membership: Free 10 minutes audio/day 10 images/day
  • Basic: 1000 yen/month 4 hours of audio/month 500 images/month
  • Value: ¥2000/month 10 hours of audio/month 1200 images/month
  • Premium: 3000 yen/month 20 hours of audio/month 3000 images/month

Cause 3. upload didn't work

A bad upload is characterized by the bar repeatedly going to the right and then back to the beginning .

Normally, when the upload is complete, the bar disappears.

  • "transcribed content"


  • "Because the file is longer than 10 minutes, you will be notified by email after the transcription is completed."

It will be displayed.

When the bar goes to the right many times and returns to the beginning again, I will tell you the cause and how to deal with it.

Timing issues or a slow internet connection can prevent Mr. Transcription from uploading audio and image files, resulting in an error.

Also, in the case of a video file, it is converted into an audio file once inside the transcription system, but that part may not go well and an error may occur.

1. It didn't go well due to timing issues

There are times when uploading does not go well due to problems with the timing of uploading, and it times out and transcription does not start at all.

If the internet upload speed is 80Mb and the upload fails after 10 minutes or more, please try again.

When uploading again

  • Reload Mr. Transcription's page (updated)

to reload the page and try again.

2. Internet connection too slow

  • Image file size is large
  • The number of hours in the audio file is in units of hours

In that case, if the internet line is too slow, an error will occur.

Even if the file size is small, the upload may time out or be canceled in the middle of the upload due to a slow internet connection, resulting in an error.

Please take measures such as using it in a high-speed WiFi environment such as an optical line.

When uploading again

  • Reload Mr. Transcription's page (updated)

to reload the page and try again.

3. Video file conversion/upload failed

In the case of a video file, it is converted into an audio file once inside the transcription system, but sometimes that part does not go well and an error occurs.

In the case of video files, converting them to MP3 on an external site and then uploading them to Mr. Transcription often solves the error.

If you get an error, convert to MP3 and try uploading.

Recommended "Video to MP3 conversion sites"

Cause 4. An error occurred due to the influence of the browser

Errors can also occur under the influence of your browser.

Mr. Transcription's Recommended Browsers

If you can't transcribe it by all means, I want you to try checking the browser.

What kind of browser do you usually use when using Mr. Transcription?

Transcription recommends Google Chrome as the preferred browser.

If you are having trouble with an error

  • Change your browser to Chrome (but if you're using Chrome right now, try a different browser)
  • Try Chrome's incognito window

try it.

download google chrome

How to open an incognito window

What is an incognito window

You can browse without saving the browsing history of the website and the information entered in the form.

how to use incognito window

  1. Click "File" on the toolbar
  2. Select Open incognito window


  1. Recall with [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] keys

can be launched with

Please try it once.

Please report errors to Mr. Transcription

If you report an error to Mr. Transcription, it will lead to an investigation into the cause of the error.

You can get more free tier on your account by reporting errors.

Report errors in Mr. Transcription and once approved

  • Transcription of audio/video: 1 hour (expiration date: until the next renewal date)
  • Transcription of images: 100 sheets (expiration date: until the next update date)

will be charged to the account reported by

  • If you are a non-member, we cannot investigate the cause of the error. Please register as a member.
  • If you are a member , we can assist you in determining the cause of the error.

How to report errors

  1. Login to Mr. Transcription
  2. Settings → Report list
  3. Report listreport

Then, it becomes a report form and you can enter characters.

Please refer to the following article for details on how to report errors.

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On the management side of Mr. Transcription, you can check the history of "error occurred in this situation" called error log.

The error log is also invisible to the customer.

If you want to investigate the cause of the error, please report the error and contact Mr. Transcription Customer Support.

When reporting, fill in the required items and let us know all the information so that we can investigate the cause of the error and solve it quickly.

If you do not provide detailed information, we will ask you for the same thing by reply email again.

By investigating the cause of the error, you can use Mr. Transcription more comfortably.

Mr. Transcription is more than happy to help you.

Please take this opportunity to contact Mr. Transcription Customer Support.

I will do my best to support you.

May it continue to be your number one transcription software service.

Thank you for your continued support of Mr. Transcription.

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