How to start a side job of transcription/tape transcription? Thorough explanation of methods, know-how, and how to proceed

May 29, 2024

How to start a side job of transcription/tape transcription? Thorough explanation of methods, know-how, and how to proceed | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription
I want to start a side job of transcription, but what should I do?

For you, in this article we will explain how to make a side job of transcription (tape transcription) .

Side jobs are becoming more and more popular as a new way of working.

The great thing about this job is that you can easily work from home whenever you want.

Among these, transcription (tape transcription) is a job that has many applications and is easy to start, making it perfect for your first side job.

But you have to keep the point in mind

  • Too much time and too little income
  • Not meeting the delivery deadline

Problems such as...

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce how to search for a job, how to proceed, and recommended methods.

Why not use this as a reference to start a side job of transcription/tape transcription?

What is a side job of transcription (tape transcription)?

First of all, what kind of work is transcription (tape transcription)?

We will also explain the benefits of choosing transcription work as a side job .

What is transcription (tape transcription)?

What is transcription (tape transcription)?

Transcription (tape transcription) is the process of converting recorded audio into text .

By converting recorded audio from meetings and interviews into text, you can conveniently use it as minutes or as interview articles.

Transcription is a job that has existed since the days when cassette tapes were used for recording, so it is still sometimes called "tape transcription."

Why transcription is recommended as a side job

Transcription (tape transcription) is a side job that is easy to start .

There are several reasons why transcription is suitable as a side job.

1. Easy to do at home

Easy to do at home

Transcription work is basically work from home.

Communication with clients requesting transcription is done via email or web conferencing system, and delivery can be done over the internet, so you can work without leaving your home.

It is ideal as a side job for those who have a main job or those who find it difficult to leave home due to childcare or nursing care .

2. You can start right away if you have a computer

You can start right away if you have a computer

The only equipment needed for a side job of transcription (tape transcription) is a computer .

There is also free software for the ``transcription player'' app that allows you to input text while listening to audio , so you can start a side job without purchasing a special app.

This is a big advantage since ``design'' and ``web production'', which are also often chosen as side jobs, often require paid software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

*However, you may be able to make it more efficient by paying a little bit of money. We will introduce recommended tools later in this article.

Also, the computer you use for your side job of transcription does not need to be a high-spec one.

If you have a computer that can use Word or Excel, you can use it as a side job of transcription without any problems.

3. You can start without any specialized knowledge

Unlike writing jobs, which many people choose as a side job, transcription (tape transcription) often requires no specialized knowledge .

For example, it's difficult to get a side job as a writer about cars if you don't know much about cars, but transcribing interviews isn't that hard.

*However, for transcription in genres such as medical and legal where even the slightest mistake is not tolerated, we may only recruit experienced staff. On the other hand, for those with medical or legal expertise, this is an opportunity to find a high-paying side job.

Type of audio to be transcribed

The following are some of the audio contents that are often requested for side jobs in transcription.

meeting minutes

meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are a topic that is very often requested for side jobs in transcription.

Many companies hire outside writers to record meeting minutes.

Meetings are always held at both large and small companies, so there are frequent opportunities to receive orders as a side job.

It is unique in that it is necessary to transcribe each person who is speaking .



Transcribing the content of interviews is also a common side job for transcriptionists.

Since the only people talking are often the interviewee and the interviewer, it is less difficult to identify the person who is talking.

Videos from video sites such as YouTube

Videos from video sites such as YouTube

In recent years, job openings have been increasing for jobs where people watch video sites such as YouTube and transcribe the content of the videos .

Most of the job openings are from YouTubers (video posters) .

If you want to publish what you talked about in the video on your blog , you will need to transcribe it into text.

Also, if you want to add subtitles to a video that are not automatically generated , the original text is required.

Since I often have to transcribe videos that introduce know-how, the advantage is that I can acquire the skills to compile information.

In addition to this, there are various jobs available for transcription (tape transcription).

There is a possibility that you can find a job transcribing audio in your field of expertise, so why not look for it on the following site that is recruiting side jobs?

Recommended ways to find a side job in transcription

So how can I find a side job as a transcriptionist?

The conclusion is that it is a "crowdsourcing site" .

Specifically, we recommend these two sites.

1. Lancers


Lancers is Japan's most famous crowdsourcing site.

There are a large number of job registrations , with over 14,000 job openings in the ``tape transcription/transcription/transcription'' category.

Registration is free, but a flat system usage fee of 16.5% of rewards will be charged.


2. Crowdworks

cloud works

Crowdworks is a major crowdsourcing site along with Lancers .

There are also a large number of transcription jobs registered here, with more than 3,000 job openings in the "tape transcription/transcription" category, and new ones are added every day.

Registration for CrowdWorks is also free, but for jobs below 100,000 yen, a system usage fee of 20% of the fee will be charged.

cloud works

The process of proceeding with transcription work

From here, I will explain the flow of how to proceed with the side job of transcription (tape transcription).

1. Find a transcription job

Find transcription jobs

First, use a crowdsourcing site to search for transcription (tape transcription) jobs.

When looking for a job

  • Length of audio to be transcribed
  • Delivery deadline
  • Amount of remuneration


The longer the audio, the longer it will take to transcribe it, so before accepting a job, think about whether the work will be completed by the deadline.

Also, when you are just starting a side job of transcription, be sure to check whether the amount of compensation is in line with the market price and compare it with jobs with similar conditions.

2. Accept a job order

accept a job order

Once you have decided on a job, you can place an order on a crowdsourcing site.

For work on crowdsourcing sites

  • Those who apply are guaranteed to receive an order
  • Items to be selected by the orderer after applying for a profile

there is.

Depending on the job, you may apply but not be selected.

However, there are so many jobs available for transcription (tape transcription) that you can easily find other job openings.

If you are not selected, we recommend that you do not get discouraged and look for another job .

3. Receive the audio file

Once we receive a job, we will receive an audio file for transcription from the client.

Communication with the orderer is done through a dedicated message form on the crowdsourcing site.

4. Transcription work

Transcription work

Transcribe the audio files you receive.

When transcribing, we recommend using a dedicated "transcription player" app.

You can easily play, stop, and change the speed, so you can proceed with transcription much more efficiently than with general apps such as "Notepad" or "Word."

Also, if you want to make transcription even more efficient, we recommend using an "AI transcription service."

We will introduce transcription players and AI transcription services at the end of this article.

Please take a look.

5. Deliver the transcribed text

Once the transcription (tape transcription) is complete, we will deliver it using the crowdsourcing site's system .

After delivery, the orderer checks the contents and if there are no problems, the delivery is complete.

This completes my side job of transcription.

Tools to streamline your transcription side job

Lastly, I would like to introduce tools that you should definitely use to efficiently run your transcription side job.

transcription player
AI transcription service

Two types are recommended.

transcription player app

An app that you would definitely want to use as a side job of transcription is Transcription Player .

This is a text editing app that specializes in transcription, and is equipped with the ability to play, stop, change playback speed, etc. using keyboard shortcuts .

Some of the specifically recommended apps include:



"Okoshiyasu2" is a transcription player app recommended for transcribing on a Windows PC .

It is equipped with a set of functions such as shortcut keys for play, stop, fast forward, and rewind, speed changes from 50% to 400%, and pitch changes.


Casual Transcriber

Casual Transcriber

CasualTranscriber is a transcription player app recommended for Mac users .

This also has basic functions such as shortcut keys for play, stop, fast forward, and rewind, and can also be transcribed using Mac's standard voice recognition function.

Casual Transcriber

AI transcription service

AI transcription service

If you want to make your transcription side job even more efficient, you should definitely use an "AI transcription service."

AI transcription service is a service that uses AI voice recognition to transcribe text.

Just upload your audio file and AI will automatically transcribe it.

Compared to manually transcribing text using a keyboard, you can dramatically reduce the time and effort required , so if you want to make your side business more efficient, we recommend using an AI transcription service.

Mr. Transcription

Mr. Transcription

"Mr. Transcription" is an AI transcription tool that can be used for free .

Not only can it transcribe with high precision using two types of the latest AI , it also supports transcribing individual speakers at meetings and transcribing foreign languages .

You can transcribe for free for up to 1 minute without registering or logging in, so why not give Mr. Transcription a try?

Would you like to start a side job of transcription?

In this article, we explained how to find a job and recommended methods for side jobs in transcription.

Transcription is one of the easiest side jobs to start, and is suitable for beginners .

It is also recommended for those who are not used to working from home and are using crowdsourcing sites for the first time.

Once you get started with transcription work, you can use an AI transcription service to make your work even more efficient.

Why not use a convenient tool to efficiently advance your transcription side job?

■ AI transcription service "Mr. Transscription"

"Mr. Transcription" is an online transcription tool that can be used from zero initial cost and 1,000 yen per month (* free version available).

  • Supports more than 20 file formats such as audio, video, and images
  • Can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • Supports technical terms such as medical care, IT, and long-term care
  • Supports creation of subtitle files and speaker separation
  • Supports transcription in approximately 100 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, etc.

To use it, just upload the audio file from the site. Transcription text is available in seconds to tens of minutes.
You can use it for free if you transcribe it for up to 10 minutes, so please try it once.

It is "Mr. Transcription" who can easily transcribe from audio, video, and images. Transcription allows you to transcribe for up to 10 minutes for free. You can copy, download, search, delete, etc. the transcribed text. You can also create subtitle files, which is ideal for transcription of interview videos.
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