Three tips for high-precision transcription with AI automatic transcription

Aug. 2, 2021

Three tips for high-precision transcription with AI automatic transcription | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription

Hello, this is Mr. Transcription.

When transcribing using Mr. Transcription, an error may occur and transcription may not be possible.

There are two main types of errors.

  1. I can transcribe it, but I can't transcribe it well because it looks like a toothless person.
  2. An error has occurred and transcription is not possible in the first place

This time 1. Here 's a solution for cases where you can transcribe, but you can't transcribe well, or you end up with a transcription like a toothlessness.

2. 2. Please refer to the related article below for the solution when an error occurs and transcription is not possible in the first place.

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What is the reason why high-precision transcription is not possible?

In Mr. Transcription, AI recognizes the voice and automatically transcribes it.

When transcribing with AI

  • Microphone usage
  • How the speaker speaks
  • Data quality
  • Recording status, etc.

The accuracy of transcription is different.

Accurate transcription will not be possible if the dialect is strong, the data is degraded, or the recording is poor and the voice is noisy.

Three tips for high-precision transcription

There are three main solutions when accurate transcription is not possible when using automatic transcription using AI.

  1. Speak a little slowly in standard language
  2. Bring your mouth close to the microphone
  3. Remove noise

1. 1. Speak a little slowly in standard language

Automatic transcription by AI is a little weak in dialect-based speaking.

Therefore, it is easier to transcribe with high accuracy if you use data that is spoken in a way that is spoken in a language that is better than the standard language.

Also, if you speak very quickly, the analysis will not catch up and the accuracy will drop.

There are times when you can't control the speed of speech, such as in person interviews or meetings where various people speak.

In such a case, it is recommended to prepare a separate voice data with a slower playback speed before transcribing.

2. 2. Bring your mouth close to the microphone

This is because voice recognition is difficult when the voices of multiple people are mixed or when the speaker is speaking from a distance.

Muffled voices and low-volume voices are difficult for AI to transcribe correctly.

The key to high-precision transcription is "how to record voice clearly".

That's where Mike plays an active role. By using a microphone, AI will be able to recognize the speaker's voice more clearly, and it will be easier to transcribe with high accuracy.

3. 3. Remove noise

  • The voice of a person who has nothing to do with transcription
  • Surrounding noise
  • White noise during recording

Voices that contain such things will interfere with high-precision transcription.

The clearer the voice, the better.

If you are not satisfied with the transcription, try to record in a quiet place as much as possible.

For high-precision transcription with 3 tips!

AI is great, but don't forget that "what you can't hear with the human ear can't be heard with AI."

Although the development of AI is remarkable, there are still some parts that are not as good as humans.

The content that "If you are a human being, you can hear this at the last minute", in fact, human beings sometimes supplement the words from the imagination and the flow before and after.

AI can't do that yet.

Therefore, it is necessary for the human side to devise a little when transcribing with high accuracy.

  1. Speak a little slowly in standard language
  2. Bring your mouth close to the microphone
  3. Remove noise

If you practice the three tips you learned this time, the accuracy of automatic transcription by AI will improve dramatically.

Please give it a try!

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