Free: 7 transcription apps and services that can also translate [Tricks]

Dec. 27, 2023

Free: 7 transcription apps and services that can also translate [Tricks] | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription
I would like to not only transcribe foreign languages, but also translate them if possible.

Recently, it has become commonplace to gather information about work overseas and communicate in foreign languages.

The number of opportunities to create meeting minutes in English or Chinese is increasing day by day.

At that time, rather than simply transcribing the text in a foreign language and compiling the text, it is more convenient to translate it into Japanese to make it easier to understand the content.

However, the truth is that it is a heavy burden to not only transcribe but also translate by yourself.

In such cases, a transcription tool with a translation function comes in handy.

However, most of the translation functions that come with general transcription tools are just a "bonus", so you can't expect much accuracy and they are not easy to use.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce carefully selected apps and services that are particularly strong in translation functions among the many transcription tools available.

Furthermore, we will also explain the recommended method of combining AI transcription and AI translation.

After reading this article, even people who are not very good at foreign languages ​​should be able to communicate with people overseas with confidence.

Please watch till the end.

For transcription + translation, we recommend “Mr. Transcription”

For transcription + translation, we recommend “Mr. Transcription”

First, I will introduce the conclusion.

If you want to transcribe foreign languages ​​together, we recommend "Mr. Transcription"!

"Mr. Transcription" is a transcription service using the latest AI.

AI technology is rapidly progressing, and transcription is actually one of its specialties .

Therefore, it can transcribe audio such as meetings, lectures, and interviews with high accuracy and in a short time.

What's more, "Mr. Transcription" is available in 100 languages ​​including English .

By translating the text files transcribed with "Mr. Transcription" using an AI service like DeepL , you can achieve the highest accuracy of transcription + translation currently possible !

Why it is recommended to use separate services for transcription and translation

Why it is recommended to use separate services for transcription and translation

In this article, we will also introduce services that can do both transcription and translation.

However, when using AI to transcribe, it is recommended to use separate services for transcription and translation .

The reason is that AI has ``specialties'' .

Even though it is simply called AI, its performance and areas of expertise vary depending on what kind of data it has learned and what purpose it was created for.

  • Transcription services like ``Mr. Transcription'' use AI that has learned audio.
  • Translation services like “DeepL” use AI that has learned sentences and languages.

For humans, "words" are the same thing, but for AI, "speech" and "text" are completely different things .

Therefore, rather than using a single service for transcription and translation, it is better to use a service that specializes in transcription (audio) and a service that specializes in translation (text) to achieve higher-performance transcription. .

Features of Mr. Transcription's foreign language transcription

Mr. Transcription allows you to use two types of AI transcription engines.

Regarding foreign languages,

  • PerfectVoice: Supports 100 languages
  • AmiVoice: Compatible with English and Japanese, speaker separation function (transcription for each speaker)

Both of these functions allow for highly accurate transcription!

All you need to do is translate the transcription results using an AI transcription service such as DeepL.

Furthermore, you can transcribe for free and up to 1 minute with no registration required .

Why not use Mr. Transcription when transcribing and translating foreign languages ​​such as English?

7 transcription apps and services that can also translate (free/paid)

Next, we will introduce transcription apps and services that can also be used for translation .

From transcription using AI to transcription entered by experts using a keyboard, please use this as a reference when choosing a transcription/translation service.

1.Group Transcribe

Group Transcribe

Group Transcribe is an iOS app made by Microsoft.

Although it is an app that specializes in real-time transcription and translation, it has more transcription functions than translation.

By having multiple speakers use their own smartphones, you can check the translation of who is saying what in real time even in situations where multiple languages ​​are being spoken, so why not use it as a companion for small meetings?

Microsoft Group Transcribe

2. Onyak


Here are the transcription tools provided by Rosetta, which has strengths in AI automatic translation.

It is compatible with web conferencing tools such as Zoom , Teams , and Skype , and automatically converts what is said into text. High-precision AI translates in real time.

*Optionally, the ultra-high precision translation engine "T-3MT" can also be linked.

Although the price is a little high, it is a service worth it for companies that frequently communicate with overseas companies.




Click here for transcription and translation services provided by a company specializing in translation and interpretation .

This is a transcription service that is performed by experts using a keyboard.

Approximately 60 languages ​​are supported. This is the only company that also translates official documents, so it is especially recommended for important work where there should be no discrepancies in the content .

It seems that you can expect faster delivery times and prevention of unnecessary troubles.

Foreign language transcription service - Amit Co., Ltd.



This is a transcription service provided by a company specializing in English proofreading .

The company's strength lies in the ability to check papers by researchers, making it possible to accurately translate even highly specialized content .

We also operate a sister site (Krypton) that specializes in tape transcription, so the quality of the transcription is reliable.

English/Japanese transcription and subsequent translation service (Japanese-English/English-Japanese compatible) | Editage

5.Google Translate

Google Translate

If you specialize in real-time translation , Google Translate is also easy to use.

The voice spoken into the microphone of a smartphone or computer can be automatically converted into text and translated into various languages. Since it can translate two languages ​​at the same time, it can also be used as a small translator (interpreter).

You can also download the translated audio as mp3 data using a site called Sound of Text .

Google Translate



Here is an AI voice-to-text tool that supports transcription and translation in many languages.

It supports both real-time transcription and audio file text conversion , and you can use marking functions to check the audio and text later, and easily share the created transcription (translation) data with others. is possible.

The free version only provides real-time transcription and cannot use translation tools, so we recommend using a paid plan when using it.


7.Langogo Summit

Langogo Summit

Here is a real-time translator by Langogo Technology, the company that provides Notta.

Among them, the flagship model "Summit" has major features such as a large-capacity battery and high-performance directional microphones (4). It works with 26 translation engines and translates various languages ​​in real time.

It also has a transcription function, and you can also edit the text later by linking it with the Notta app.

*Please note that real-time translation and transcription (text) functions cannot be used at the same time.

Langogo Summit

Transcription/translation flow using AI services

Transcription + translation using AI services

What is the method of transcription and translation using AI?

to this point,

  • How to combine AI transcription tool + AI translation
  • A service that allows transcription + translation

I have introduced.

The recommended method is to "combine AI transcription tool + AI translation" as introduced at the beginning.

Here we will explain how to perform transcription and translation by combining the AI ​​transcription tool "Mr. Transcription" and AI translation !

The steps are very simple.

  1. Create text data with transcription tools
  2. Translate with a dedicated app

That's the flow.

Let's look at it in detail.

1. Upload the audio file with Mr. Transcription

Open the top page of "Mr. Transcription" and upload the audio file.

Upload the audio file from the TOP page

Uploading can be done using the form on the top page.

First, select the language of the audio file you want to translate .

This time it's English, so I selected "English" .

We chose PerfectVoice, which is strong in foreign languages, as the AI ​​transcription engine we use.

Start uploading

Select and upload your file.

Transcription will start automatically.

Start transcription

2. Transcription completed in foreign language

When the transcription is complete, the display will automatically switch and the transcription result will be displayed.

Transcription completed

In this way, transcription was completed with very high accuracy.

Audio file source: Partial excerpt from the mp3 file published in "Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech - American Rhetoric"

3. Translation with AI translation service


Finally, copy the transcription result of "Mr. Transcription" and paste it into the AI ​​translation service for translation.

This time, we used DeepL, the most famous AI transcription service.

Translation completed

In this way, the translation captures the nuances of the original text.

This completes the transcription/translation process using AI services.

How to choose transcription and translation services

We recommend choosing a transcription tool that allows you to save files as plain text (txt) or that allows you to copy and paste as is (such as Mr. Transcription) .

DeepL is a recommended translation app because it is free and highly accurate.

However, the free version of DeepL states that the original text and translated text you enter will be used by DeepL.

When handling confidential documents with DeepL, be sure to choose a paid plan.

Would you like to try transcribing foreign languages ​​with Mr. Transcription?

Mr. Transcription

In this way, when performing transcription and translation, it is a good idea to combine an AI transcription service and an AI translation service.

We recommend “Mr. Transcription” as an AI transcription service due to its high performance and ease of operation .

You can try ``Mr. Transcription'' for free for up to 1 minute without registering.

If you are confused between transcription and translation services, why not try Mr. Transcription first?

How to transcribe and translate videos in real time with Google Chrome


Finally, we will explain how to perform real-time video transcription and translation using the web browser Google Chrome .

Google Chrome transcription function

Did you know that Google Chrome comes with "live captions (real-time automatic subtitles function)" as a standard option?

Settings → Advanced settings → Accessibility → Auto subtitles: ON

By doing this, subtitles will be displayed in real time on videos played on YouTube and other browsers.

YouTube originally has the ability to add subtitles to videos, but this extension is unique in that it allows you to add subtitles to any video that can be played in your browser (including local content).

If you want to display the Japanese translation at the same time, we recommend an extension called "Language Learning with Youtube BETA".

Language Learning with Youtube BETA - Chrome Web Store

By installing this, you can display English subtitles and translated (Japanese) subtitles on YouTube videos at the same time.

*It is also possible to copy and paste all text subtitles at once.

When you hover over an English word, the meaning pops up, so we recommend using it as an English learning tool (as the name "Learning" suggests).


This time, we explained a transcription tool that is strong in translation.

Finally, I would like to summarize the transcription apps and services recommended in the article.

  • Mr. Transcription + DeepL : High accuracy unique to AI. recommendation!
  • Group Transcribe : Recommended for small group meetings
  • Onyaku : Perfect companion for full-fledged web conferencing (Zoom/Teams)
  • Amitt : Professional transcription and translation services provided by a translation and interpretation company
  • editage : Transcription and translation service from a company with strengths in English and paper proofreading
  • Google Translate : The easiest option for real-time translation only
  • Notta : Full of editing and sharing functions. Can be used on both smartphone and web
  • Langogo Summit : Dedicated translation gadget with transcription function

In the future, regardless of industry or size, we will be actively involved in work with countries other than Japan.

Even if you don't need it right now, there will definitely be situations in the near future when you will need transcription or translation into English or Chinese .

So that you don't panic when the time comes, try various things now and prepare for the coming future.

■ AI transcription service "Mr. Transscription"

"Mr. Transcription" is an online transcription tool that can be used from zero initial cost and 1,000 yen per month (* free version available).

  • Supports more than 20 file formats such as audio, video, and images
  • Can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • Supports technical terms such as medical care, IT, and long-term care
  • Supports creation of subtitle files and speaker separation
  • Supports transcription in approximately 100 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, etc.

To use it, just upload the audio file from the site. Transcription text is available in seconds to tens of minutes.
You can use it for free if you transcribe it for up to 10 minutes, so please try it once.

It is "Mr. Transcription" who can easily transcribe from audio, video, and images. Transcription allows you to transcribe for up to 10 minutes for free. You can copy, download, search, delete, etc. the transcribed text. You can also create subtitle files, which is ideal for transcription of interview videos.
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