11 apps that convert voice to text How to transcribe audio files on iPhone and Android?

May 5, 2024

11 apps that convert voice to text How to transcribe audio files on iPhone and Android? | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription
I want to convert the files recorded on my smartphone's voice recorder into text!

In such cases, we recommend installing an app on your smartphone to transcribe the text .

On iPhones and Android smartphones, you can easily convert audio files into text using web apps or installed apps.

The voice conversion app for smartphones uses the latest voice recognition AI , so the conversion process is completed in a very short time.

It can transcribe text with high accuracy .

In this article, we will thoroughly explain what web apps and installed apps are available for iPhone and Android, and introduce some recommended apps .

Find the app that's right for you and start converting your voice to text.

Introducing a voice-to-text web app that can be used on smartphones

First, we will introduce web app -based voice-to-text conversion apps that can be used on iPhones and Android smartphones.

A "web app" is a service that can be used from a browser to browse the Internet.

The advantage is that it doesn't require installation and can be used from anywhere .

1. Mr. Transcription

Transcription Mr.

Mr. Transcription is a recommended app for those who want to convert voice files into text on their iPhone or Android smartphone .

"Mr. Transcription" is a web app-based text conversion service.

Since it is a web app, you can start using it immediately by opening the top page from a web browser such as Safari or Google Chrome.

Ready to use from the top page

Another important point is that since it is a service originating from Japan, you can use it with confidence .

"Mr. Transcription" is a web app service that uses the latest AI

The biggest feature of Mr. Transcription is that it can convert voice to text using the latest voice recognition AI .

Conversion speed is also fast, and even long voice files can be transcribed in about 10 minutes .

Moreover, it is possible to use two types of high-performance AI.

  • PerfectVoice: Transcription completed in about 10 minutes, supports 100 languages
  • AmiVoice: Speaker separation function (transcription for each person speaking), supports Japanese and English

Thanks to these features, even difficult voice files, such as those in foreign languages ​​or at meetings, can be transcribed into text with high accuracy .

"Mr. Transcription" is free to use

Moreover, Mr. Transcription can transcribe up to one minute without the need to register or log in.

If you are wondering how to convert files recorded with a voice recorder into text, why not try using Mr. Transcription for free first?

2. RIMO Voice

RIMO Voice

RIMO Voice is a transcription web app specialized for Japanese .

This can also be opened and used from a web browser such as Safari or Google Chrome.

It also comes with a variety of convenient features, including AI summarization and noise removal.

It's very simple to use.

The main users are corporations, and many companies have adopted it.

However, when used by a corporation, a monthly setup fee is required.

RIMO Voice

3. User-local audio minutes system


The User Local Audio Transcription System is a simple web app type AI transcription service.

Its unique feature is that it is a very simple service that focuses on real-time transcription of meeting contents.

Simply press the "Start a new meeting" button and what you say will be converted into text.

It has fewer functions and isn't very good at converting audio recorded with a voice recorder into text, but it's a recommended service if you want to create meeting minutes.

User local audio minutes system

4. Otter


Otter is a transcription web app that specializes in English.

It is operated by Otter.ai, an AI technology company based in California, USA.

Since it specializes in English voice recognition, which is one of the fastest-growing languages ​​in AI, the accuracy of voice file recognition is good.

It can convert to text with high accuracy.

However, the fact that it can only transcribe English is a disadvantage.

For example, by using other AI transcription services such as Mr. Transcription , it is possible to convert text into many languages, including Japanese and English, using a single service.

It is recommended that you consider whether you only need to be able to transcribe English, or whether you also want to convert Japanese voice files into text, before choosing a service.


5. AutoMemo


AutoMemo is a voice-to-text conversion service operated by Sourcenext of Japan.

It is a web app type service that can be accessed and used from a browser such as Safari or Google Chrome.

A distinctive feature of this function is that it automatically summarizes information .

It summarizes the text for each speaker, making it useful for understanding the content of a meeting .

Its main function is to record and transcribe meetings in real time ; if you record with the browser open, the text will be automatically converted.

This is a service for those looking for a Japanese-made voice-to-text conversion app.


Introducing voice-to-text conversion apps that can be installed on your iPhone

Apps for iPhone

Next, I will introduce some apps that you can install and use on your iPhone.

The advantage is that once you install it, you can start it up right away.

However, while there are many apps that are only for transcribing meetings, there are few apps that allow you to upload recorded voice files and convert them into text .

6. Group Transcribe

Group Transcribe

Group Transcribe is a transcription app that you can install on your iPhone .

This is a web conferencing app, and when you use it to hold a meeting, the text of the meeting minutes will be automatically created.

Although it is an iPhone app, it was developed by Microsoft, a Windows company.

As they have advanced AI technology, the accuracy of voice recognition is good.

However, this app is only designed to take minutes of web conferences.

It is primarily designed for real-time text conversion , so it is not suitable for converting pre-recorded voice files into text.

Also, unlike other apps, everyone attending the meeting must have the app installed .

This app is like a web conferencing app such as ZOOM with a text conversion function, so it is recommended that you install it solely for use in meetings.

Group Transcribe

7. Speechy Lite

Speechy Lite

Speechy Lite is a transcription app for iPhone.

Many voice-to-text conversion apps for smartphones are specialized for real-time transcription such as for recording meeting minutes, but this app can also convert recorded voice files into text .

To use it, simply send the file recorded with the voice recorder to this app via "Share."

However, since this is an overseas app, you should be careful and obtain permission in advance if you use it for work.

If security measures are required, we recommend considering using a Japanese service such as "Transcription Mr." (which supports filling out security sheets).

Speechy Lite

8. Recoco


Recoco is another voice-to-text conversion app that can be used on iPhone.

This is an app for converting speech to text in real time, and although its functions are simple, it is easy to use .

It can be difficult to transcribe files recorded with a voice recorder, but all you have to do is launch the app and start recording, so it's recommended for people who aren't good at using smartphones.


Introducing voice-to-text conversion apps that can be installed on Android smartphones

Apps for Android

Finally, we will introduce an app that can be installed on your Android smartphone to convert voice to text.

9. iRecord


iRecord is a transcription app that you can install on your Android smartphone.

It has all the standard features of a voice-to-text conversion app , and can transcribe not only Japanese, but also English and Chinese .

Its main function is real-time transcription, but it also supports file import, so it can be used to convert files recorded with a voice recorder into text.

This is a recommended option for those who want to install an app on their Android smartphone that converts voice files to text.

iRecord Auto Transcription

10. Speechnotes


Speechnotes is another transcription app for Android smartphones.

It has the ability to convert what you say into text in real time.

The advantage is that you don't need to log in or register an account, and you can start using it immediately after installation.

However, since this is also a foreign app , if you are using it for work, it is recommended that you get permission before installing it.


11. Papago – AI interpretation and translation


"Papago - AI Interpretation and Translation" is an AI transcription app made in Korea .

Although it is made in Korea, it also supports Japanese and has a transcription function that converts what is spoken into text.

Of course, it also has a translation function from Korean to Japanese.

It also supports other languages ​​such as English and Chinese.

It was developed by Naver in Korea , a leading local IT company, so it has high performance.

This is a must-install app when working with Korean companies.

Papago - AI interpretation and translation

Convert your voice files to text with this handy app!

On an iPhone or Android smartphone, anyone can easily transcribe text by using a web app or an installed app.

In particular, with apps that run on a web browser like Mr. Transcription, you can easily convert voice files into text just by opening the top page.

Another advantage is that apps used in web browsers do not need to be installed, so even people using older smartphones can use them without any problems .

It is likely that audio from meetings or interviews is recorded using a smartphone rather than a dedicated IC recorder.

With a smartphone app, you can smoothly convert recorded voice files into text without having to transfer them to a PC.

If you're having trouble transcribing a file recorded on your smartphone's voice recorder, we recommend using a text conversion web app .

Why not use a handy app like Mr. Transcription to convert your voice files into text easily and smoothly?

■ AI transcription service "Mr. Transscription"

"Mr. Transcription" is an online transcription tool that can be used from zero initial cost and 1,000 yen per month (* free version available).

  • Supports more than 20 file formats such as audio, video, and images
  • Can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • Supports technical terms such as medical care, IT, and long-term care
  • Supports creation of subtitle files and speaker separation
  • Supports transcription in approximately 100 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, etc.

To use it, just upload the audio file from the site. Transcription text is available in seconds to tens of minutes.
You can use it for free if you transcribe it for up to 10 minutes, so please try it once.

It is "Mr. Transcription" who can easily transcribe from audio, video, and images. Transcription allows you to transcribe for up to 10 minutes for free. You can copy, download, search, delete, etc. the transcribed text. You can also create subtitle files, which is ideal for transcription of interview videos.
HP: mojiokoshi3.com
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