10 Recommended Free Transcription Apps for Android [Audio/Video/Minutes]

Dec. 27, 2023

10 Recommended Free Transcription Apps for Android [Audio/Video/Minutes] | AI character transcription service - Mr. Transcription
I want to easily try voice input and create minutes on my Android smartphone!

For you, we have compiled a list of transcription services and apps that can be used on Android.

  • I want to easily input voice input and create minutes using my smartphone.
  • I want to carefully select an app that perfectly suits my purpose.
  • Since this is my first time using this type of app, I would like to try it out for free and make sure I am satisfied before choosing a paid app.

There are many people who think this way.

However, even if you search for transcription apps for smartphones on the internet, the only ones that are introduced are apps that are only compatible with iPhone . Do Android users feel small-minded?

So this time, we'll focus on those that are available on Android, and introduce a selection of recommended apps, each with its own unique features .

We will also explain how to easily try transcription using Android's standard functions without installing a new app, so if you read this article, you won't have to bother buying an iPhone or preparing a dedicated computer to use a transcription app. There should be no need for it. Please watch till the end.

10 recommended transcription services and apps for Android

So without further ado, let's introduce services and apps that are useful when you want to transcribe on Android, from transcription web services using AI to audio-friendly apps!

1. Mr. Transcription

Mr. Transcription

Here are some recommended high-performance transcription services that use AI.

It is characterized by its almighty ability to perform high-performance transcription, so if you are unsure, choose this one.

Another point is that you can use two types of AI voice recognition engines depending on the situation .

Both AIs have excellent Japanese transcription performance, but they also have these unique characteristics.

  • PerfectVoice: Highest precision transcription, available in 100 languages
  • Amivoice: Excels in Japanese language recognition and allows speaker separation (transcription for each person speaking)

They also understand specialized terminology such as IT and medical terms .

It supports over 20 types of files, and is recommended for people who want to transcribe not only audio files but also videos, images, photos, etc.

Since PDF documents can also be transcribed, it can also be used as a simple OCR tool.

It's free for up to 1 minute, and no user registration is required , so you can easily experience high-performance AI transcription.

To use it, just upload your media files from the top page. It can be used from a browser, so it's perfect for people who don't want to install extra apps.

If you're having trouble transcribing, try using "Mr. Transcription" first.



This app is recommended for easily creating voice memos .

To operate, simply launch the app and press the microphone button. Audio-to-text conversion will begin immediately.

Although the function is simple, you can insert symbols such as punctuation marks and exclamation marks, line breaks, etc. into sentences with one tap, and you can also input them using voice commands.

It is also convenient to be able to send the created text to other apps using the sharing function.


3.Long time audio file player

long audio file player

If you're looking for a player to play audio sources for manual transcription , this is the one for you.

In addition to a dedicated slider that allows stepless fast forwarding and rewinding, the key point is that it has a button that allows you to skip playback by the desired number of seconds.

There are a wide variety of supported audio files including wav, mp3, wma, aac, and m4a.

In addition to transcription, it can also be used for audiobook playback, English learning, etc.

long audio file player



AutoMemo is a service provided by Japan's SourceNext, and is an Android app that allows recording and transcription .

In addition to the recording function of the app itself, you can also specify a file and transcribe it.

The key point is the peace of mind of a Japanese-made service with AI-based transcription.

However, in terms of performance, I'm concerned about the reviews on the Google Play Store that say it's pretty good in Japanese, but not quite as good in English.

Would you like it as one of the options for transcription apps for Android?




Here is an Android app with orthodox functions .

This app supports real-time transcription of meetings, etc. and transcription from files, and has standard functions for an AI transcription app.

However, although the app itself and the explanation are in Japanese, it is an overseas-made app, so the support and services are different from apps and services made for Japan, such as Mr. Transcription. It is recommended that you understand this before using it.


6.iRecord automatic transcription


Here is an Android app that supports automatic transcription of audio such as interviews and meetings .

It has orthodox functions such as recognizing and transcribing audio in real time, reading files and transcribing them.

Even though it's a smartphone app, it has the most basic functions for a computer, including the ability to export as a text file, which is great for those who prefer simplicity.

How about when you are looking for a simple app?

However, this is also an overseas-made app, so it's a good idea to understand the differences in support compared to services for Japan.

iRecord automatic transcription



If the audio you want to transcribe is in English , we recommend this specialized app.

After actually using it, I feel that the accuracy of the English speech recognition function exceeds that of Google and Microsoft (famous in this field).

It also comes standard with a "voiceprint recognition function" that distinguishes between multiple speakers, making it an excellent meeting minutes tool.

If you have a lot of interaction with overseas partners or business partners, please give it a try.




This is recommended for those who want to carefully edit the automatically transcribed text later .

The main feature is that it has a very rich set of editor tools, such as keyword search, tagging, marking, cueing, image insertion, and grammar proofing.

However, since there are so many functions, it may be a little difficult to master them.

The functions available for free are limited, so if you want to make full use of it, consider purchasing the paid version.



This is recommended for those who want to use a convenient voice input tool with their current memo app or editor .

A major feature is that it is compatible with Android's Japanese input extension "Mushroom", so it can be called up from other apps like a keyboard app.

Like Speechnotes, this also includes shortcut keys and voice commands for symbols and line breaks.

It also comes with a user dictionary, so if you register proper nouns, etc., you can reduce mistranslations.

*As of 2023, it is no longer available on Google Play Store and only the old version is available on the author's website.


10.Papago - AI interpretation/translation


Here is a sharp app that is said to be ``strong in Korean.''

That's no wonder; it's an AI app made by South Korean company Naver, and it can also translate between Japanese and Korean.

It supports 13 languages ​​including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese, and when it reads audio, it transcribes it on the screen.

This is a recommended app for those who want to transcribe Korean.

Papago - AI Interpretation/Translation

Points to consider when choosing a transcription service/app for your Android smartphone

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a transcription service or app for your Android smartphone?

I will explain the points that you should pay particular attention to.

1. AI transcription is recommended

We recommend AI transcription

Points to consider when choosing a transcription service/app for Android smartphones.

That's what it means to choose a transcription service that uses AI .

As AI continues to advance, the quality of transcription has increased dramatically .

In the past, the quality that could only be obtained by paying a high price and having someone manually transcribe the text on a keyboard can now be achieved much more quickly and at a reasonable price thanks to AI.

Handling audio, including transcription, is an area where AI excels.

By choosing an AI transcription service, you are sure to get the results you are looking for.

2. Choose an AI transcription service that can be used widely

Choose an AI transcription service that can be used widely

Another point when choosing a transcription service/app that uses AI is to choose a service that can be used for all purposes .

When you think of transcription, you may think of transcribing a recorded audio file into text, but it can also be transcribed from a video file.

Furthermore, just as Mr. Transcription can transcribe PDF files and image files, some services can also transcribe things other than audio and video.

It is also important that AI has a wide range of areas of expertise.

AI for transcription has high performance, but each type has its strengths.

For example, in "Mr. Transcription", you can choose from two types of AI engines for transcription: "PerfectVoice" and "AmiVoice".

  • PerfectVoice: Fast (can be completed in about 10 minutes even with files of several tens of minutes), supports 100 languages
  • AmiVoice: Has speaker separation function (transcription for each speaker), supports Japanese and English

As you can see, each has its own characteristics.

Therefore, you can choose a transcription engine depending on your field of expertise , such as a multilingual transcription engine for foreign language transcription, or a transcription engine with speaker separation functionality for meeting transcription .

Furthermore, in the case of highly difficult audio files such as ``transcribing foreign languages ​​with few speakers'' or ``transcribing technical terms,'' we try multiple AI transcription engines to ensure highly accurate transcription. You can also use it to select the engine that was used.

When choosing an AI transcription engine, we recommend choosing a service that can handle a variety of situations.

3. Choose a transcription service/app that is easy to use

Choose a transcription service/app that is easy to operate

Ease of operation is also an important point when choosing a transcription service/app.

Transcription services and apps are often used for applications that require speed, such as business or interviews.

The easier the operation, the smoother and faster the transcription will be.

Among the services and apps introduced this time, the one that is easy to use is ``Mr. Transcription''.

Just open the top page and upload the file to start transcribing.

For more details, please refer to the explanation below on how to use it.

4. Choose services and apps that protect personal and confidential information

Choose services and apps that protect personal and confidential information

When using a transcription service or app for work, one of the concerns is whether personal and confidential information will be protected.

From that point of view, it is recommended to choose apps and services that are provided by Japanese companies for the Japanese market.

When transcribing files containing personal or confidential information, be sure to check the service's terms of service beforehand regarding confidentiality.

Additionally, each service has its own characteristics when it comes to business use, such as ``Mr. Transcription,'' which supports filling out security check sheets.

This article explains the security of Mr. Transcription in detail. Please take a look at them as well.

How is Mr. Transcription's security? Detailed answer such as server etc.

5. Check if you can try it for free

Check if you can try it for free

Even if the performance of AI transcription is high, it can be scary to suddenly pay money without actually using it.

Therefore, we recommend that you try it out for free beforehand to see how accurate and speedy it can transcribe .

As mentioned above, for example , in the case of ``Mr. Transcription'', you can use up to 1 minute of transcription for free without registration .

There are also other services that have free plans (although many require you to create an account).

If you are unsure about transcription, we recommend that you try it out for free on the Android smartphone you are currently reading this article on!

Functions to check when selecting a transcription service/app by scene

Let's take a look at the functions that are the deciding factor when choosing a transcription service or app that can be used with an Android smartphone.

Conference: Check "Speaker separation function"

Conference: Check "Speaker separation function"

The "speaker separation function" is very useful when transcribing for work.

This is a function that transcribes the text in a way that allows you to understand who is speaking .

In the era when speaker separation was done manually using a keyboard, transcription writers were required to have advanced skills, so AI transcription is the first feature that anyone can easily use.

This is not a feature found in all AI transcription engines, so you will need to choose a service with speaker separation to use it.

For example, in the case of ``Mr. Transcription,'' the AI ​​engine ``Amivoice'' has this function.

In particular, it can greatly reduce the effort when creating minutes, so be sure to check it out when transcribing a meeting.

Lecture: Check your strength in technical terms

Lecture: Check your strength in technical terms

Transcription AI that is strong in specialized terminology is useful for academic lectures and business lectures where lecturers are invited to the company.

Basically, the transcription AI engine transcribes technical terms with high accuracy, but there are many words with homophones in technical terms .

Even with high-performance AI, there is a possibility that the wrong kanji will be transcribed.

What I would like to recommend is a service that allows you to use multiple AI transcription engines.

By transcribing using multiple AIs, such as Mr. Transcription, who can use both ``PerfectVoice'' and ``AmiVoice,'' you can save a lot of effort when transcribing a lecture later.

Foreign language: Check if it supports multiple languages

Foreign language: Check if it supports multiple languages

Another important point is how well it supports languages ​​other than English and Japanese .

Many transcription services support English, but many do not support other languages.

Multilingual transcription services such as Mr. Transcription, which supports exactly 100 languages, support Japanese, English, Chinese, various European languages, as well as Asian and African languages.

The usage fee is the same, so when you work worldwide, choosing a service that supports many languages ​​in advance will expand the range of usage.

Process of using AI transcription on Android smartphone using “Mr. Transcription”

Now, I will specifically explain how to transcribe text using an Android smartphone, using the AI ​​transcription service "Mr. Transcription" as an example.

1.Open the official website

Open official website

Open Mr. Transcription's official website using the web browser you normally use to browse the Internet.

2. Select the file to transcribe

Select the file to transcribe.

Select file to transcribe

When you tap the part that says "Select", "Camera", "Camera video recording", and "File" will be displayed.

"Camera" "Camera video recording" "File"

Tap "File" to open the file selection screen on your Android smartphone, so select the file you want to transcribe.

Select files

This time, I selected an audio file (m4a file) recorded with an Android smartphone.

Tips: It is also possible to recognize characters taken with a camera

If you tap "Camera" instead of "File" when selecting a file to activate the camera and take a picture of the document at hand, you can also transcribe the characters written in that document as text.

Also, if you select an image file when uploading a file, you can also transcribe the text in the image.

3. Start transcription

After selecting the file, tap the "Transcription" button.

Start uploading

The file will then start uploading and you will be automatically transcribed.

Start processing

All you have to do is leave it to the AI.

4. Transcription completed

Once the transcription is complete, the transcription results will be displayed automatically.

Transcription completed

*If it takes time to process, such as a long audio file, you will be notified by email, so you can close your browser screen.

This completes the automatic transcription process using "Mr. Transcription".

The transcription method explained here can be tried for free for files up to 1 minute in length.

Moreover, you do not need to create an account for the trial.

If you are unsure about how to transcribe, we recommend that you try using the AI ​​transcription service ``Mr. Transcription'' first.

How to easily transcribe using Android's standard functions



Since it's a company-issued smartphone, I can't install new apps on my own!

Finally, for those people, we will introduce how to easily transcribe using Android (Google)'s standard functions and apps .

*Please note that some devices may not be pre-installed depending on the model.

Gboard/Google Keep/Google Docs

Google Docs and Google Keep come with a voice input button by default.

Many of you may have noticed that there is a small microphone on the keyboard screen. Just tap here to easily start voice input.

Google Keep is especially useful because you can simply press and hold the icon on the home screen to bring up the quick voice memo menu. Audio can also be recorded at the same time.

The Japanese input system "Gboard" can be used with other than Google's standard apps, so feel free to try it out.

Input with voice - Android - Gboard Hep


This is a feature that is pre-installed on some models such as Pixel.

Settings → Accessibility → Transcription

What's inside is a simple mechanism that converts input audio into real-time text. It is equipped with AI and is characterized by automatically correcting kanji conversion etc. according to the context .

Please note that the voice recognition system is used from the cloud, so it can only be used in an online environment.

Use transcription - Android Accessibility Help

automatic subtitle transcription

This is a new feature introduced in Android 10.

Sound → Automatic transcription: ON

An interesting mechanism is that when you play a video or audio on a smartphone with this function turned on, text is automatically displayed like subtitles .

*Currently only available in English.

Since it runs on the system within the device, it is also possible to use it in an offline environment.

Use automatic subtitles - Android accessibility features


This time, we explained about free transcription apps that can be used on Android.

Finally, as a review, we will summarize the recommended apps introduced in the article by feature.

Google's Android smartphones, the Pixel 6 series, have started to come equipped with a recorder that can transcribe Japanese as standard, giving the impression that Android smartphones are one step more advanced than the iPhone.

The number of people using Google Assistant ("OK, Google!") has been increasing recently, but many people are already using dedicated transcription apps like the ones we introduced this time to handle their daily life and work tasks. It's even more efficient.

If you want to reduce wasted time as much as possible, we recommend trying out these free apps right away!

■ AI transcription service "Mr. Transscription"

"Mr. Transcription" is an online transcription tool that can be used from zero initial cost and 1,000 yen per month (* free version available).

  • Supports more than 20 file formats such as audio, video, and images
  • Can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • Supports technical terms such as medical care, IT, and long-term care
  • Supports creation of subtitle files and speaker separation
  • Supports transcription in approximately 100 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, etc.

To use it, just upload the audio file from the site. Transcription text is available in seconds to tens of minutes.
You can use it for free if you transcribe it for up to 10 minutes, so please try it once.

It is "Mr. Transcription" who can easily transcribe from audio, video, and images. Transcription allows you to transcribe for up to 10 minutes for free. You can copy, download, search, delete, etc. the transcribed text. You can also create subtitle files, which is ideal for transcription of interview videos.
HP: mojiokoshi3.com
Email: mojiokoshi3.com@gmail.com
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