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The way to increase Transcription's free usage is to "report an error". Transcription's error is reported and approved, audio / video transcription: 1 hour (expiration date 30 days) or image transcription: 100 sheets (expiration date 30 read more

For those who want to make transcription more efficient, we have summarized the guideline for one hour of transcription (number of characters, working time, market price), and explained techniques and recommended tools to improve efficiency. read more

Transcription / transcription is cheap, preferably free, fast, transcription accuracy is good, easy to use as a service, and support is good. Recommended by Mr. Cryption read more

If you want to transcribe, but don't know how to use Transcription, read this blog and you'll understand it perfectly! If you want to transcribe, Mr. Transcription, the lowest price in the industry. read more

Is it safe to upload data to Mr. Transcription? Isn't it abused? In particular, it may contain confidential information within the company, so it is natural to be careful. What about Transcription's security? read more

Transcription allows you to easily delete the data you have read so far with the "Delete" function. Delete function We will introduce how to use the batch delete function and points to note. read more

This is a frequently asked question from Mr. Transcription, an AI automatic transcription company. Specifications, security, free registration, contract, cancellation, how to withdraw, etc. We have compiled frequently asked questions about choosing the pl read more

Introducing an easy-to-use image transcription (OCR) app for those who want to convert scanned data or PDF documents into text. It also explains how to use specific apps and the steps to actually convert images to text data. read more

For those who want to reduce the amount of time they spend transcribing, we will explain tips on how to proceed with the process efficiently. We also introduce specific recommended tools and points to be aware of before starting work. read more

There are two payment methods for Transcription. 1. 1. Credit / debit card / bank transfer payment via PayPal payment 2. Direct bank transfer. I will explain in detail about Mr. Transcription's receipt. read more