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We will show you the files compatible with Mr. Transcription and what to do when the files are not compatible. read more

We will inform you about issuing a receipt when paying by credit card or debit card. If you would like a receipt, please use the usage statement and receipt issued by Mr. Receipt Email Transcription as a receipt. read more

Several techniques are important during recording for accurate AI transcription. In this article, we will introduce the best recording points when transcribing with AI. Good quality microphone Position the microphone appropriately Create a quiet recording read more

Regarding the invoice system, we have completed the application for registration as a qualified invoice issuer and will notify you of the registration number. read more

For those who want to save time while transcribing, we explain how to make the work more efficient. We provide detailed information on recommended apps and tools and specific transcription procedures. read more

I will explain how to cancel (cancel) Mr. Transcription's paid plan with images. read more

We have compiled a list of recommended transcription apps (minutes tools) for those who want to automatically transcribe web meetings. We also explain how to choose an app in detail and support transcription for Zoom, Teams, etc. read more

For those looking for transcription tools that can be used in a browser, we introduce recommended free sites for different purposes. We also explain the benefits and usage examples unique to web services. read more

For people who want to easily transcribe text on their smartphones, we have compiled recommended Android apps that can be used for free by genre. We also explain how to easily try transcription using standard functions. read more

For those who want to make full use of the voice input function of Google Docs, we will explain in detail how to perform real-time transcription, convert audio data to text, take minutes of web conferences, extract text from images and PDFs, etc. read more