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Is it safe to upload data to Mr. Transcription? Isn't it abused? In particular, it may contain confidential information within the company, so it is natural to be careful. What about Transcription's security? read more

Transcription allows you to easily delete the data you have read so far with the "Delete" function. Delete function We will introduce how to use the batch delete function and points to note. read more

This is a frequently asked question from Mr. Transcription, an AI automatic transcription company. Specifications, security, free registration, contract, cancellation, how to withdraw, etc. We have compiled frequently asked questions about choosing the pl read more

Introducing an easy-to-use image transcription (OCR) app for those who want to convert scanned data or PDF documents into text. It also explains how to use specific apps and the steps to actually convert images to text data. read more

For those who want to reduce the amount of time they spend transcribing, we will explain tips on how to proceed with the process efficiently. We also introduce specific recommended tools and points to be aware of before starting work. read more

There are two payment methods for Transcription. 1. 1. Credit / debit card / bank transfer payment via PayPal payment 2. Direct bank transfer. I will explain in detail about Mr. Transcription's receipt. read more

You can easily issue invoices and quotations from Mr. Transcription's settings screen. Here's a very simple way to issue a quote / invoice for Mr. Transcription. read more

I'm Mr. Transcription, and I'll show you what to do when you can't transcribe. The main causes are: ・The upper limit of transcription has been reached. ・The upload did not go well. ・An error occurred due to the influence of the network environ read more

The price of transcription varies greatly depending on the method and type of request. Automatic transcription by AI (site / company) Requesting an individual (outsourcing) Transcription by human power of a company We will introduce each price market, fea read more

When I outsource the transcription and search to ask a vendor, many vendors come out and I don't know which vendor is right for me. Therefore, I will introduce it in the outsourced price quote of transcription and the price list of the vendor. In addi read more