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We will introduce methods for people with hearing impairments to convert speech into text. We will explain the standard functions of iPhone and Android, smartphone apps, and AI transcription services. read more

We will explain how to conduct verbatim transcription, recommended methods, and things to be careful about. read more

This article explains how to transcribe audio recorded with an IC recorder or voice recorder using an AI transcription site or tool, and points to be careful of. read more

I would like to introduce a company that provides transcription (tape transcription) services. We also introduce methods for efficient transcription, such as AI transcription. read more

We will introduce various transcription tools such as AI transcription tools, keyboard transcription tools, and recording tools. read more

We will explain recommended transcription player apps and ways to transcribe more conveniently using AI transcription, etc. read more

We will introduce how to find a side job of transcription/tape transcription, how to proceed, and recommended methods. read more

We at "Mr. Transcription" have introduced a new speech recognition engine, "PerfectVoice." read more

I would like to offer my greetings for the beginning of 2024. read more

We would like to share information regarding the discontinuation of the Google speech recognition engine provided by Transcription. read more