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We have compiled a list of recommended transcription tools for those who want to convert Chinese audio, videos, images, and PDFs into text. It also explains points to be careful of when transcribing Chinese. read more

For those looking for a transcription tool that supports English, we have compiled a list of recommended English transcription apps and services. It also explains techniques for using transcription tools to improve your English skills. read more

For those who want to easily transcribe audio data, we have compiled a list of recommended audio transcription tools, including free ones. We also explain how to choose software and services that suit your purpose, such as real-time transcription apps, we read more

When transcribing in Japanese, Transcription can choose between two engines, Google and AmiVoice. I will introduce how to use and notes about the trial transcription function that can be used by Mr. Transcription. read more

We have released Transcription and are making minor updates every day. I will introduce the details of the update. Major updates in June and July Added supported file formats Added voice recognition engine Added 1-minute trial transcription by two voice r read more

Mr. Transcription, a site that is free and easy to use by transcribing using OCR, supports multiple languages, and is convenient for saving data. I will introduce it because it is a convenient service. read more

The way to increase Transcription's free usage is to "report an error". Transcription's error is reported and approved, audio / video transcription: 1 hour (expiration date 30 days) or image transcription: 100 sheets (expiration date 30 read more

For those who want to make transcription more efficient, we have summarized the guideline for one hour of transcription (number of characters, working time, market price), and explained techniques and recommended tools to improve efficiency. read more

Transcription / transcription is cheap, preferably free, fast, transcription accuracy is good, easy to use as a service, and support is good. Recommended by Mr. Cryption read more

If you want to transcribe, but don't know how to use Transcription, read this blog and you'll understand it perfectly! If you want to transcribe, Mr. Transcription, the lowest price in the industry. read more